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28th of January 2021, 16.00 - 17.00 CET

Be calm and poised - and don't get too personal, you do want people to take you seriously, don't you?

In academia, there's a kind of behaviour we're supposed to adhere to. Especially women and people of colour may feel particularly pushed to 'compensate' for not being eminent, male, while professors. But what if you flat-out refuse to play by these rules?

In its second Masterclass, Rebellious Teaching presented two prominent, provocative academics, Madita Oeming (teaches and researches Porn Studies at the University of Paderborn) and Lady Bitch Ray (rapper with a PhD in linguistics). No tweeds for them - only tweets. They are outspoken online and offline, not afraid to get personal and frequently, whilst hilarious, catalyse socially relevant debates that are widely discussed on social media and in the press.

In a conversation moderated by Rebellious Teaching founder Nausikaä El-Mecky, Lady Bitch Ray and Madita Oeming addressed the advantages and challenges of refusing to put on a typical academic 'mask', the freedom and the friction this can cause, ways of dealing with criticism and prejudice, and how to remain resilient and open at the same time.

Read the press release here. We also live-tweeted the event - check out our thread here!


9th of December 2020, 13.00 - 14.00 CET

When was the last time you had a great idea? Did you mention it to anyone? Or did you just forget about it?

In our first online Masterclass, 'Go Rebel: Use the Collective Creativity of Groups', Ruben Klerkx hosted a workshop about the value of ideas, why we don't share them with each other as often as we should, and why this means everyone misses out!

Ruben Klerkx is a Conversation Designed and Facilitator, and Practitioner of Engagement and Interaction who helps people deal with complex situations and challenges by working on their creativity, interactions and co-creations. Ruben strongly believes that we neglect our ideas all too often. By creating a safe space to be yourself and practice selfdiscovery in groups, he proves that more ideas evolve and even better ideas get real.

Interested in what we talked about? Watch the full masterclass here, or read the press release here!


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15th - 16th of December 2019

How far can you go as an educator? The first Rebellious Teaching conference brought together researchers, artists, teachers and activists who use subversive, edgy methods, yet teach in schools, universities and other educational institutions and are thus funded or supported by public institutions. They show how teaching does not necessarily maintain existing structures, it can also question, or even attack, institutional and social norms.

The conference was highly interdisciplinary - in addition to didactics, Rebellious Teaching techniques are also used to address virtual reality, gender issues or the colonial past - the speakers not only use innovative educational methods, but also use them to raise awareness for discrimination, heteronormativity or problematic - and suppressed - historical events.

Curious about the speakers? Check out the conference programme here!

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